Lois Mailou Jones, 1920’s textile design

I found a book of concept work and draft scrips for City on the Edge of Forever.
Why wasn’t this scene in the final version!?

“In 1981 I happened to see Joe Strummer – he was the singer for the punk rock band The Clash – on the tube. I saw him sitting on the other side of the seat, but I thought he was too private – he might get too angry – but I was trying to be brave, I went up to him and asked him ‘may I take a picture of you.’ he smiled and said ‘yes’, and I clicked several shots. Just before he got off the train he said to me, ‘You should take photos of whatever you want. That’s punk.’ ” Herbie Yamaguchi


pretty sure most directors of indie romcoms stole their cinematographic style from jamie olivers cooking shows